Divers Arms, Herne Bay


One of the best pubs in Herne Bay for live music, the Divers Arms plays host to a full programme of entertainment throughout the year. 

You’ll always find live performers and a vibrant atmosphere here on Friday and Saturday nights - entry is free and entertainment starts at 9pm (unless otherwise stated).

MAY 2018

Friday 11th MAY - Live Music with "TWOS COMPANY" - 9pm

Saturday 12th MAY - SOUL BY THE SEA - 8.00pm

Friday 18th MAY - Live Music with "BEN RUSSELL" - 9pm

Saturday 19th MAY - Live Music with "THE CONSULS" - 9pm

Friday 25th MAY  -  Karaoke Disco Night - 8pm

Saturday 26th MAY  - Live Music with "THE REGULARS" - 9pm

Sunday 27th MAY - Live Music with "AVANTI" - 8.30pm



JUNE 2018 / JULY 2018

Friday 1st JUNE - DJ Club Night from 8pm

Saturday 2nd JUNE  - Live Music with "NORMANS DAUGHTER" - 9pm

Friday 8th JUNE - Live Music with "Luke Burgess" - 9pm

Saturday 9th JUNE -  SOUL BY THE SEA - 8pm

Friday 15th JUNE - Live Music with "Old Town Souls"  - 9pm

Saturday 16th JUNE -  Live Music with "3 Piece Sweet" - 9pm

Friday 29th JUNE - Live Music with "MAJESTIC 12" - 9pm

Saturday 30th JUNE - Live Music with "Dirty Channel" - 9pm

Friday 22nd JUNE - "FILOTRAX" 80s Club Night - 8pm

Saturday 23rd JUNE - Live Music with "SKAbretta" - 9pm 


Friday 6th JULY - DJ Club Night from 8pm

Saturday 7th JULY - Live Music with "THE FIX" - 9pm

Friday 13th JULY - To Be Advised

Saturday 14th JULY - SOUL BY THE SEA - 8pm

Friday 20th JULY - Karaoke Disco Night  - 8pm

Saturday 21st JULY - Live Music with "Four Star Five" - 9pm

Friday 27th JULY - Live Music with "Those Distant Voices - 9pm

Saturday 28th JULY - Live Music with "BARBED" - 9pm



Friday 3rd AUGUST - Live Music  with "Can't Touch This" - 9pm

Saturday 4th AUGUST - SOUL BY THE SEA - 8pm

Friday 10th AUGUST - Herne Bay Rocks Band Competition from 7pm

Saturday 11th AUGUST - Carnival Night Live Music with "Dave Shepherd"  - 9pm

Friday 17th AUGUST - Live Music with "Squeeze Gut Alley" - 9pm